Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Oct.5 - I was the only local candidate to respond to the Federation of Citizens'Associations survey

as has been normal this election I was the only local candidate to respond to a request from a local group of citizens. see my responses from teh Federation of Citizens'Associations survey at

It is a sad day for democracy when YOUR canidates will not meet with you.
Another example of the same sad state was my last event of the campaign yesterday, a visit to a Retirement Home in Bell's corners. Lisa [PC] had been there  but when invited the Liberal and NDP candidates did not even bother responding to a request for them to come, not even with an excuse!

So, as you decide where to cast your ballot, also consider who has really tried to get their message across and really BELIEVES in their party platform.

All the very best & have a blesssed day.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Oct.4 - the last day to campaign - it's over!

It's over
It was a fun election full of surprises - who was to know that the Green Energy Act would become the lightning rod for both discontent and hope? As usual, I learned more I expected, especially about wind energy, and as I have a good friend who has worked in the field for 20 years, I will continue to learn more to help ensure that they are placed and used properly to help us have a better and eventually cheaper electricity system.
Thanks again for ALL YOUR SUPPORT and best wishes!

Remember; Live Green, Vote Green.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Oct.3 - See your candidate live on YOU TUBE!

It is the last few days before the election and it looks like a Minority government...
that means, more than ever, that YOUR vote counts!
To help you decide the Osgoode village assoc. after trying unsuccessfully to have a live debate [nobody would come except me] has put together a 'live' interview with tough, surprise questions for the candidates. So far on the PC & Green candidates have chosen to accept the challenge. It is sad that the Liberals and NDP have chosen not to participate in this, and all other, community forums.
Now you can see Lisa & I & choose who you would prefer to represent you at Queen's park.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sept.27 - Leader's Debate Tonight - Sadly, with Mike Schreiner the Green Leader

The leaders debate is tonight.
But the hundreds of thousands of voters who voted Green in the last provincial election will not be represented by Mike Schriener, the Green party leader, tonight at the debate.
Too bad for democracy. Too bad for all those who are undecided voters [the majority!] who are looking for a fresh point of view and place to park their vote and feel good about, instead of voting strategically against 'the bad guys'; a sad trend I hear at the door as I canvas. It seems that most people do not vote for what they want, but against what they do no want. Perhaps, if they really know more about the pragmatic Green approach they could vote FOR something, and feel good about... for more about this see;
Green Party of Ontario calls for democracy in Provincial Leaders’ Debate
Open Letter
An Open Letter to Ontarians

sept.25 - local DEBATES?

I do not know if you have noticed - but there are no local debates scheduled for you, the voter, to see the candidates "live". you may ask, why is that? did no organization think to organize one? or did the candidates not want to attend any organized debates?...
sadly, it looks more likely to be the latter.
First, Osgoode HS gr.12 political science class invited all the candidates to answer questions by the students - only I accepted this kind invitation.
Second, the grade 5 class at Kars Public School wanted a debate with all candidate; once again only I responded with an enthusiastic 'yes' - they never heard a word from the other candidates.
Third, the Osgoode and Greely community associations tried to organize a public debate in Greely for Sept. 28 and once again only I responded, quickly, with a "OF COURSE". The other candidates were either 'too busy' or did not even respond.
Too bad. Too bad for you. Too bad for democracy.
Because, when you come down to it you are voting primarily for a person, not a platform. Platforms change, but the character of a person does not. Want you want is a person you can trust, somebody who will think through the complex issues we face today and come up with pragmatic solutions that are in the best long term interests of ALL voters.
And the only way to really get a sense of character is to meet somebody in person. So, although you will see all candidates on ROGERS TV @ 7 Thurday sept. 29 it is much better to see us all live.
So, if you want to see me 'live' give me an email & I will gladly drop by!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sept.20 Energy; the lifeblood of our Modern Economy and Way of Life

We Canadians, unlike most of the world, can take it for granted.
Like water, we have LOTS of it; maybe too much for our own good. Because it is so plentyful, and relatively cheap by world standars, we have become sloppy and inefficient with it and taken it for granted.
In particular, Ontario Hydro has been forced for decades to under-charge us for the true cost of maintaining and investing in the long term health of our GRID and our nuclear power stations - both of which have fallen in disrepair and now need massive [ie. many billions] in investment.
It is time to pay the true cost of power and to see that our current reliance on non-renewables will only put good money into an antiquated solution that is approaching its end game; meaning that that the natural gas and uranium we rely upon will only be available cheaply for the next couple of decades. This, when you think about investing in an electical system, is only a blink of the eye.
And there is more to the saga. In Japan, many people want to remove ALL nuclear plants because of teh devastation the earthquake and tsunami did to the Fukashima nuclear plant and resulting long term radiation damage. Here is a quote from today's Asia Times:
 TOKYO - Following the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant six months ago, nine prominent Japanese intellectuals have launched a popular movement that seeks to abolish nuclear power and the closure of all nuclear power plants in Japan.  The group, which includes Nobel literature prize laureate Kenzaburo Oe and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, plans to collect 10 million signatures in support of their proposal for a nuclear-free Japan. On Monday, the group organized a colorful demonstration followed by three vocal protest marches through Tokyo, attracting about 60,000 people.
Germany too is shutting down its nuclear plants.While we Greens would keep our current plants we would NOT invest in new ones but only keep what we have running as we transfer, over the decades, to a electrical system based upon renewables. This will be difficult, expensive and take a long time, but, like all good things, it will LAST for generations and not damage our health, ecosystems or climate.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Sept.15 - Listen to the Green message in a CBC call in about wind farms in north gower

on Sept.15 a resident from North Gower resident, Jean Hillman, asked all nepean-carleton candidates about their views on the wind farm going up in that village. to listen;                                                             
She liked the Green Party platform response best !

In other election news look forward to news in the EMC news and Metroland newspaper next week about my efforts to promote the Green message. 
It looks like the Liberals are on a winning streak BY avoiding all reference to the defecit and accumulated DEBT - debt that is 10x per capita more than the 'horrible' debt of California whose debt is 'so bad' that many consider them close to bankrupt.